Lessons on Leadership: Innovation

One of the most interesting sections on the online version of the Wall Street Journal is “Lessons on Leadership”, short video interviews in which well-know business leaders share their wisdom on interesting topics. The following videos address one topic that is of extreme interest for the Mind The Bridge community : Innovation. Steve Ballmerr (CEO […]

Investors and Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

Guest post by Enrico Beltramini. Silicon Valley (SV) is known for technological innovation and business model. Examples of technological innovation are the browser (Netscape), the search engine (Google), and the social network (Facebook); examples of business model are the Reverse Market, the Disintermediation, and the Long Tail. Before a geographic place, SV is a space […]

The Bridge starts at Insubria University

Thanks to Alberto Onetti (professor of Economy, director of CrESIT, and among other stuff, CFO of Funambol) MTB has been the fil-rouge of cycle of cycle of CrESIT conferences around innovation.First the energetic 2008/9 finalist Massimo de Santis (FreePackNet) , then the expert Matteo Daste (corporate lawyer, MTB board member) and then me, fired up […]

MtB 2009/10 – The Race is Open!

Since May 25th, the Mind the Bridge 2009/10 cycle is up and running. The deadline to submit your business plan is Aug 25th. You know the rules. We are looking for highly innovative startups, focused on a global market, with high growth potential.A dozen of the semifinalists will be invited to present during the Venture […]

Innovello – Italians and together?

What happened a few days ago in Venice passed mostly unnoticed by the main media channels (surprise surprise…) For the first time ever in Italy, a number of organizations representing over 130,000 companies signed a deal to work together on a one-stop portal gathering all relevant information around startups and innovation in Italy. It’s called […]

Attending TechGarage ….

Last Friday I attended the TechGarage event in Rome.Rome was unusually hot outside (I mean, 30+ degrees) as it was the atmosphere inside the impressive Luiss’ event room. I had been invited to participate as part of the jury for the selection of the best project. I was positively impressed to see around me all […]

Tally Up MtB 2009

Guest post by Tara Kelly, president and co-founder of 2009 MtB finalist Passpack. It’s been about a week since I’ve been back off the MtB roadshow. The question I’ve been asked most often is: “how was it?” The short answer: great! How great? Well, here’s some hard data for you. Thanks to the MtB and […]

Zooppa is the winner!

In an evening unusually rainy and cold for California this time of the year, we concluded the MTB Gran Finale. With a room filled up with a interesting mix of somewhat-Italian related professionals, professional Silicon Valley investors and other international startups, the

Zooppa is the winner!

In an unusual cold and rainy evening in Sunnyvale (CA), the MTB Gran Finale got to its apax.The startup-impressive ambiance of the Plug&Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, filled up by 6.30PM with an interesting mix of somewhat-Italian-related professionals, professional Silicon Valley investors, and startups representatives from multiple corners of the world (with a high concentration […]