Inspiring Principles

1. The goal of business, from startup to enterprise, is to create meaningful value for a better world.
2. Entrepreneurship can be learned…by doing.
3. We embrace risk, failure and validated learning. Fear of failure is the enemy of entrepreneurship.
4. Inspire is our mantra. The first step in realizing a business opportunity is a change in one’s attitude — “I CAN do it!”
5. Optimism is contagious. Being surrounded by positivity is the best steroid.
6. The empowered individual is the working unit of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
7. From scarcity comes clarity. Tough economic times are the most fertile for creating innovation.
8. Creating your job is better than looking for one. Creating jobs for others is even better.
9. Profitability is tied to a company’s capacity to consistently define, create, communicate and deliver value. (Making profits without creating value is stealing).
10. To get, first you must give. Giving back to our community brings good karma.