May 10-11, 2014

MTB Boot Camp

About the event

MTB Boot Camp is a two-day event organized by Mind the Bridge and hosted by a large conference Go Global Now in the bay of Naples, Italy.
The Boot Camp is an intense program opened to selected startups from the MTB Acceleration Program: 15 semifinalists previously selected by our exceptional Mentors after screening and evaluating hundreds of applications.

These two days are more than intense training and panel discussions. Startups are invited to pitch in front of mentors with exceptional experience in new ventures from whom they will receive feedback, followed by evaluation and selection to the next step. A unique occasion for the participating startups to improve their communication skills, focus on the weak and strong points of their presentation and, finally, fine tune their business plan.

On the other side, we’ll use the Boot Camp to get a handle on the teams, their inter-dynamics and whether they have the right fire.
The Boot Camp will help us select the best 5/6 projects. The most promising selected startups will have the opportunity to setup meetings with the corporate development officers of some of the Startup Europe Partnership member corporations, during the Go Global Now conference.
Similar to the previous batch, rather than going directly to a predefined acceleration program, MTS Fund will sponsor the best startups to attend our MTB Startup School in San Francisco, a 3-week program aimed at teaching participants how to build a new venture worthy of financial support.
After the MTB Startup School, MTS Fund might decide to invest up to $65K in seed funding (for equity up to 10%); you will receive mentorship and support to build and localize your company in Silicon Valley.

Thanks to the participation at Go Global Now conference, MTB Boot Camp 2014 takes place in Naples, a location at the centre of a wonderful gulf close to Mount Vesuvius volcanic area. The Boot Camp is hosted by Go Global Now conference.


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