Preliminary Study Nov 14. SEP, Pedal, Udanet


During the past three years, the global venture capital arena has witnessed a signi cant uptake of European startups securing their deals in the hope to become the next tech giants in their respective elds worldwide.

While policy support to tech startups is high on the EU and some national policy agendas, the evidence about the phenomenon is scarce and usually not very robust as business demographic statistics and anecdotal evidence prevail scienti c facts. Policy-makers, journalists, researchers but also actors of various startup communities including business accelerators and investors operate with only fragmented datasets from the European startup domain, making it di cult to draw any empirically-based conclusions.

This study, conducted by PEDAL Consulting and Ud’Anet in the framework of the “Startup Europe Partnership” (SEP), aims to address this issue by mapping the most relevant elements related to the European startup ecosystem and capture its coherent and comprehensive picture based on a well-de ned methodology and research practices.

The Interim Analysis of this study, presented in this document, partially uncovers the truth encompassing this phenomenon by providing preliminary insights and observations derived from a representative sample of over 1000 startups and 200 exits or mergers & acquisitions (M&A) that have been researched in detail during the rst 5 months of the project. Results and ndings are preliminary and report only ICT companies. Other key areas in the startup ecosystem, such as biotech/life science, hard-tech and cleantech, are not covered. The Final Report, expected to be published in 1Q/2015, will re ne current ndings based on an exhaustive dataset to be compiled in the next phase of the project.

The scope & methodology of this study is available here: