SEP MONITOR February 2015: Mapping the Germany’s ICT “Scaleups”


The Startup Europe Partnership mapping & scouting database focuses on “scaleups” — European startups that have been able to break the “early-stage barrier” and are a candidate to become large global companies and real job creators.

This issue of the SEP Monitor includes the results of a preliminary analysis of the ICT startup ecosystem in France, and has a special focus on the French scaleups and exits. We have identified and analyzed approximately 250 ICT startups able to raise $0.5M+ of which 166 received between $0.5M and $5M, 59 between $5M and $20M, 15 between $20M and $50M and 10 more than $50M. We also reported more than 50 exits with a clear pattern of growth. Software Solutions, E-Commerce, Mobile and Advertising/Promotion are the fields that account for the large majority of French scaleups.

SEP Monitor is based on ongoing, online resource and data mining; results and findings are preliminary. This SEP Monitor reports only ICT companies. Other key areas in the startup ecosystem, such as biotech/life science, hard-tech and cleantech, are currently under investigation and will be reported in a next issue of the SEP Monitor.