SEP MONITOR July 2014: Mapping the European ICT “Exits”


The Startup Europe Partnership mapping and scouting database focuses on “scaleups” — European startups that have been able to break the “early-stage barrier” and are a candidate to become large global companies and real job creators.

This SEP Monitor focuses on “exits” of European startups that have been acquired by other companies or went public (IPO) in the last three-year period. The current analysis is limited to ICT scaleups. SEP Monitor mapped over 200 exits in the period 2011-2014. Approximately 30 acquisitions at $100M+ valuation are also reported. Autonomy and Supercell are the largest ones, each with a $1B+ valuation. Five IPOs were each valued at more than $1B valuation. UK and Germany are the European countries with the highest number of exited scaleups (47%). The United States was the prevalent base of the acquirers (47% of deals).

SEP Monitor is based on ongoing online resource and data mining; results and findings are preliminary.