June, 2016



Would you like to contribute to the digital revolution in the recruitment/job seeking sector and offer an efficient and innovative service to who is looking for boost their personal skills?
Do you have a new idea on how to improve the temporary job system?
Are you looking for an opportunity to test your product/service on a national scale ?
If yes, this call is for you!

  • JAN 30th 2016: Final deadline to submit online application
  • Selection of startups and talents communicated by e-mail
  • Boot Camp in Varese
* Please note: We strongly encourage you to submit your application as early as possible, as it will give us time to properly evaluate your submission and reach out to you if we have any questions.

The call for ideas (reserved to early stage projects) closes on May 30th.


1. Debut 
London, Michele Trusolino
Debut is the world’s first careers app dedicated to students and graduates.

2. Eggup
Rome, Cristian De Mitri
Eggup is the unique solution designed for selecting ideal candidates and for reorganizing people by analyzing and matching individuals personalities to improve team performances.

3. Employerland
Rome, Gabriele Lizzani
A social game dedicated to the world of employment where candidates can interact with real companies through quiz and virtual challenges able to «pre-select» the best talent.

4. Filmjob
Madrid, Alejandro Manuel López Garrido
Filmijob is an innovative solution in Human Resources that facilitates the connexion between candidates and companies through the use of video and big data management, analysis and displaying.

5. Geek and job 
Milan, Rodolfo Laneri
GeekandJob.com is a tech hiring marketplace that matches developers and data scientists up with companies by: interests, skills and geek quizzes. 

6. Glickon
Milan, Filippo Negri
Glickon is an online skills testing platform that aims at scoring and validating candidates’ skills using tests and adaptive algorithms, decreasing time-to-hire and cost, and increasing hiring accuracy.

7. HiredGrad
London, Andrea Bonaceto
Bureaucracy free and cost effective graduate recruiting tool for high-growth startups to engage with student societies, online and offline 

8. Talent Match
Milan, Guglielmo Del Giudice
Comprehensive online smart recruitment platform, helping companies with job posting, talent search and interviews management. 

9. In-recruiting
Turin, Matteo Cocciardo
In-recruiting is an all-in-one cloud platform to manage all recruiting activities, from sourcing and attraction to hiring and onboarding. 

10. Jobyourlife
Milan, Andrea De Spirt
Jobyourlife revolutionise the online recruitment world by using a semantic algorithm, created in-house, together with geo-location of CVs that allow accurate and immediate matching of the right candidates, reducing time and cost.

11. Just Knock
Milan, Marianna Poletti
Just Knock is an online platform allowing young talents to “knock” right on a company’s door and submit their candidacy by uploading an idea rather than a CV. 

12. Le Cicogne
Rome, Giulia Gazzelloni
Le Cicogne is the first mobile app that helps parents to find the perfect next-door babysitter for their kids.

13. Meritocracy
Milan, Riccardo Galli
Meritocracy’s mission is to tear down the wall between jobseekers and companies, allowing professionals to virtually visit Company’s workspaces, discover the vision, listen to the team’s view of why joining. This way, we help people in finding the best job to nurture their talent.

14. Refermeplease
Dublin, Ireland Kevin Bosc
Refer Me Please is a new professional social network that aims to make recruiting processes much easier and better by empowering employee referral programs. Think about it as Match.com for jobs.

About Openjobmetis

Openjobmetis S.p.A. is an employment agency that has been on the Italian market for over 14 years. Its activity is to supply, recruit, outplacement and train personnel.
Owing to its solid experience gained over the years, to its investments geared toward supporting growth and to the continuous innovation and personalisation of its customer services, Openjobmetis is one of the leading operators in the sector and boasts a turnover at year-end 2014 of about Euro 400 million.

The competition

The most interesting projects will be invited to a Boot Camp, a 2-day closed event filled with mentorship sessions and 1:1 meetings with the representatives of Openjobmetis and MTB. The Boot Camp will allow Openjobmetis and MTB to get to better know the teams, run an initial due diligence and eventually select the 3 projects with the strongest potential of development.
The Boot Camp will be held in Varese (Italy) on July 2-3 2016.
The 3 selected startups will start to collaborate with Openjobmetis. Openjobmetis is committed in evaluating acquisition, investment and partnership with the most promising proponents selected during the bootcamp.

Who can apply

  • a working product/service
  • ideas, projects that are starting
  • early stage startups

Verticals of interest

Job scouting | skills aggregator | temporary jobs | staff recruitment and selection | skills ranking |
job placement | predictive analytics | endorsement platform | tech assessment platforms

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