European Innovation Economy in Silicon Valley – 2023 Report

There are two main factors that make Europe an important and lively component 
of the Silicon Valley Innovation economy.
First, the presence of many of the EU’s largest companies. 70 large corporates have innovation outposts and antennas in the Bay Area, while others are adding to the list on a monthly basis. Having innovation boots on the ground allows companies to play an active role in the Silicon Valley innovation engine.
Secondly, the wide network of bridge organizations.  Over 50 entities (both public and private) are here to assist and support European startups, investors, and SMEs in engaging with Silicon Valley and getting exposed to the main trends. Specifically they help European startups and scaleups get access to business opportunities and eventually funding and exits.

However, there are still steps to be taken in order to further strengthen the connections between these two regions. Among others, Europe needs to present itself – and be perceived more – as a single, interconnected ecosystem rather than a combination of single national communities.
Our ultimate goal is to help close this gap by creating a central directory for European startups, corporates, investors, and governments interested in finding information on the organizations which might help plan an approach or a presence in Silicon Valley.

This report serves as our effort to combine the various research we have done working in and around the European Innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley in each of its facets, i.e. corporates, startups, investors and institutions.
The report is linked to the on-line directory we keep constantly updated.
This way, by knowing who’s-who in the ecosystem, the reader can easily move to a more proactive phase and start directly benefiting from the local European community that is here to help and support.