Benchmarking Venture Client – A Global Comparison | 2024 Report

Don’t reinvent the (Venture Client) wheel. Benchmarks are available.

The goal of this Report is to identify best practices in how corporates engage with startups and adopt their solutions through the Venture Client model. This approach consists in testing and purchasing startup solutions to implement them into business operations.

Mind the Bridge has interviewed several global organization from different industries, active in venture client. This research was aimed at gaining insights into the companies’ Open Innovation Journey and specifically:

  • The way they implement the Venture Client Model
  • The KPIs used to measure its Effectiveness
  • The Key Learnings from the Innovation Leaders

In the following sections, we will provide a general overview of the Venture Client model and how it fits into the broader spectrum of Open Innovation models and tools.

After that, we will provide a benchmark for understanding the scope and impact of the venture client model across different industries.
Finally, we will provide the reader with the quantitative and qualitative data collected from all the participating companies, on which we based our analysis.

This report is designed to offer innovation executives a thorough overview of the distinct approaches taken by all participating organizations utilizing the venture client model.