Alberto Onetti

Chairman – Italy

Alberto Onetti is Chairman of Mind the Bridge. Aka The Professor (he is actually professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Insubria), Alberto is a serial entrepreneur (he started three startups in his career, the last of which is Funambol, among the five Italian scaleups that have raised the largest amount of capital).

He is recognized among the leading international experts in Open Innovation. He has wide experience in setting up and managing open innovation projects (venture clients, venture builders, intrapreneurship, CVCs) with large multinational companies, as well as advising and training on this subject. Alberto has a column on Sifted (Financial Times) and several other tech blogs.

During downtime, he enjoys a sweaty tennis match as well as supporting the Juventus football club. All the cuddles go to his two daughters and his beloved black lab. Whenever there’s a net, he scores.