Alessandra Karim 

Digital Content Creator – Italy

Alessandra graduated with a Master Degree in Digital Management in Pavia, Italy (born and raised), but soon realized that her true passion was for the art of creating memorable videos. She followed her passion while studying and working. Today, she uses her youthful curiosity and creativity to produce original and unique video contents for many different purposes. She’s building her career in video making, website management, digital and brand marketing Strategies.

At heart, Alessandra is a true free spirit travelling with music in her ears and watching movies since 1992. She’s a mix of two very different cultures south american and north african and as a result, craves creativity and loves exploring new exciting ideas. Spending time with her dog and helping rehabilitate 200 other rescued animals in her city shelter is what “free time” means to her, other than skating and trying any adrenaline sport that gives her shivers and verve. True fact: she does all of this powered by pizza.