Why Large Corporates do not Buy Startups

In the world of M&A, the distinction between known unknowns and unknown unknowns becomes apparent when acquiring established companies versus startups. While established companies come with known uncertainties based on historical performance, startups operate in the realm of unknown possibilities. Valuing startups proves challenging as traditional metrics and multiples may not apply.

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10 Spanish startups are ready for an immersive Spring in Silicon Valley

Following the success of the Fall 2022 session, a new batch of Spanish startups is ready to fly to Silicon Valley for the Desafia San Francisco Immersion Program, established by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment (the Government of Spain’s agency for the internationalization of businesses) and (the Government of Spain’s agency responsible for executing and deploying part of Spain’s Digital Agenda), run by the local partner Mind the Bridge (MTB).

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What’s the role of a Chief Innovation Officer? 

Main highlights from “Building businesses of the future: to what extent is innovation key to growth?” panel, moderated by Thomas Lee-Devlin, Global business correspondent, part of the Business Innovation Summit organized in London on March 28 by Economist Impact. Among the speakers, our Chairman Alberto Onetti.

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Why startups are so strategic for energy transition

When dealing with such a large and urgent challenge like the energy transition, nobody - not even the giants - can do it alone: startups are the only way to accelerate the innovation journey and find solutions quickly. This is, in a nutshell, the key message that emerged from the first Corporate Startup Stars Roundtable that we, as Mind the Bridge, organized in Barcelona by bringing together the innovation managers of big corporates. Here the main highlights.

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The Hub for open innovation you didn’t expect: Los Angeles

With a thriving technology ecosystem, access to talent, investment capital, and a supportive culture for entrepreneurship, Los Angeles is positioning itself as a leading destination for companies looking to drive innovation. Tiberio Santomarco, Managing Director US in Mind the Bridge, retraces the events.

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Al via il progetto “ORA! – Outpost Ravenna for Energy Transition”

Al via il progetto “ORA!- Outpost Ravenna for Energy Transition”: una piattaforma di innovazione tecnologica sui temi della blue e green economy a supporto delle imprese del territorio. L’iniziativa è promossa da Joule, la scuola di Eni per l’impresa insieme al Comune di Ravenna e al partner tecnico Mind the Bridge.

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Scaleups: why New York is the new place to be.

One of the main evidence of the recent “Open Innovation Outlook 2022. Macro-Trends for 2023 in Corporate-Startup Engagement” report by Mind the Bridge is the growing attention to the East Coast by large international companies that have opened innovation outposts (or are about to do it) in New York and Boston. According to Simone Tarantino, who has been based in the city for over 20 years and has been leading the Mind the Bridge Innovation Outpost in New York since last December, NYC represents the perfect starting point for opening up to the rest of America and embracing the global markets.

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Dear managers, it’s time to be more effective in dealing with DEI

Making DEI a business imperative means committing to it as a strategic priority, and taking action to create a more inclusive culture and workforce. In a recent webinar organized with ASPAL Sardegna, the Sardinian Agency for Active Labour Politics, and Sardegna Ricerche, the Public Agency assisting the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy), our US MD Tiberio Santomarco analyses and benchmarks the best DEI practices in Silicon Valley, where the Tech Industry is promoting inclusion in order to allow every community to access, and create, the technology of the future. In the last years much has been done on the Diversity and Inclusion sides. Now it’s time to move forward with the Equity challenge.

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Mind the Bridge opens an Innovation Center in Tel Aviv

Mind the Bridge (MTB), global open innovation platform providing services and products to corporates and local startup ecosystems, opens a brand-new Innovation Center in Tel Aviv for better supporting corporates in their quest for innovation in the Startup Nation. Ilan Regenbaum, Israeli/American entrepreneur, startup advisor and public speaker, serves as Managing Director.

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Open Innovation: Venture Client rocks!

If accelerators are increasingly being reconsidered, and Venture Builders are on the rise, the Venture Client model remains the most adopted tool to engage with startups. That’s what the world’s open innovation leaders say. This is one of the main pieces of evidence from the “Open Innovation Outlook 2023 - Macro-trends for 2023 in Corporate-Startup Engagement” Report released by Mind the Bridge today.

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