Selected Projects for Venture Camp

After a 2 weeks selection process, with the support of our Selection Committee coordinated by Anna Gatti, we are glad to communicate the 14 projects that will be invited to present during the MtB Venture Camp. The projects are… (roll of drums…): Wiva Group T4A im3D Free pack net Nanoxer YUBUK Zooppa Athonet Passpack Base […]

MtB on

There’s an interesting article today on talking about us. Here’s the link, and here’s an excerpt. I had the chance to spend several days with Marco Pratellesi (director of a few weeks ago, during his “Silicon Valley-strategy-trip” as he calls it. I have to chance to interact with several journalists for my job. […]

MtB Workshop in ROMA

On April 15th we held the 1st Mind the Bridge workshop in Rome. The event took place in one of the endless wonderful palaces in Rome, now base of the Center for Italian-American Studies. Getting back to Rome after a few years, mostly spent in the “new world”, kind of made an impression on me. […]

Before going back…

Here are some comments and opinions about our personal experience we shot at Google just before leaving. For Econoetica it has been an amzing adventure and an incredible networking experience. We hope that this initiative will take off and many other italian start up will have the opportunity of “thinking bigger” and, once back, “giving […]

Feedbacks from SFO

Hi guys.First of all, I would like to thanks the organisation. Meetings and events were put together perfectly, allowing for detailed talking in each meeting (including welcome dinner). No need to rush from place to place.The best benefit of “Mindthebridge” is undoubtely the network. It is an opportunity to find out a way for your […]

Il road show volge al termine: il lavoro inizia

Oggi è il nostro ultimo giorno di incontri con gli investitori. Sono stati tanti, intensi e tremendamente formativi. Ora, come dicono qui, è ora di fare l’Homework: ripendere tutti i contatti creati, tutte le idee fornite e lavorare per trasformarli in opportunità concrete. Il 15 a Roma, nell’evento organizzato come cappello finale di Mind The […]

First rest…first post!

So guys,facts speak more than words and, here I am, posting something about this amazing initiative just after 7 days spent here and just one day before coming back to Italy. That’s simply means that Mind The Bridge got everythings from you…not only a presence or an idea…but everything: passion, iron will, time…really all the […]

Monday March 31st

A few pics from the rich agenda of presentations we had on Monday.————————————— Giacomo Marini: “what a VC expects” Matteo Fabiano: “tips for effective pitching” Jim Mayock: “Immigration issues” Matteo Daste: “Setting up US operations in US”

first night @ clift hotel

Ok, everything is ready!! well… almost! these are us, me and Luca from Econoetica working at our elevator pitch… from somewhere at floor “M” (what does it mean??) @ Clift Hotel, downtown S. Francisco! 00.55 US pacific time… good night

Let's get it started

It was about time to go live.This space is dedicated to the participants of Mindthebridge business plan competition.Here’s the space where to share the expectations, the successes and also the failures (if any!). We’ll be start sharing the live experience of the “fantastic 5”, the 5 finalists who will be able to showcase their start-up […]