Mind the Chat with Csilla Kohalmi-Monfils (ENGIE)

Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind the Bridge, sat down with Csilla Kohalmi-Monfils, Group’s Director for Innovation Ecosystems at ENGIE. Together they went through the different actions ENGIE has put in place to foster innovation both through employees and startups/scaleups.

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MtB’s Must-Watch Scaleup list: Cybersecurity Startups

Cybersecurity is becoming a strategic business issue with enormous financial, reputational, and regulatory implications for large companies. This is a short selection of the best cybersecurity startups Mind the Bridge met in the past year: innovative solutions around the world that can help corporates avoid the biggest cybersecurity threats, from network and data security to IT governance, digital assets, and policy compliance.

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What is the Secret to Success of the Startup Nation? Global Corporations

The role of global corporations is key for the success of the Israeli ecosystem, according to the new "Corporate Innovation in Israel" Report, launched by Mind the Bridge in occasion of the Digital Scaleup Summit Israel 2020 and Climate Policy Forum (organized by the European Commission - DG for Research and Innovation and the EU Delegation in Israel).

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