26 03, 2020

Faggin: Why Science and Spirituality will merge | Mind the Chat

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In this Mind the Chat, Marco Marinucci meets Federico Faggin. Not an ordinary Silicon Valley entrepreneur, nor an ordinary physicist nor "ordinary inventor" - his material achievements in physics, electronics and, generally speaking, our lives (just think microprocessor and touchscreen) are countless - but even in the range of extra-ordinary, he might be off the chart. In this chat, they focus on his current field of focus: study the nature of consciousness, as a direct consequence of an extra-corporeal experience experience he had in 1989.

20 03, 2020

What makes Stanford StartX the best accelerator in the world | Mind the Chat

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The world of startup accelerators is at a maturity stage, some will argue passed its prime time. Since 2005, when YCombinator, the first relevant accelerator, moved its first steps in the backyard of Harvard University, a myriad of other accelerators started populating the planet: with or without equity, government supported or commercial, fee based or run by a corporation. In this cacophony of models in search of sustainability, one keeps standing out for its consistent record of success: StartX the Stanford University accelerator.

16 03, 2020

CVC: The challenge of investing ahead of the business

By |2020-03-16T09:22:06+00:00March 16th, 2020|General, Investors|

Alberto Onetti, Chairman Mind the Bridge, sits down with Michiel Van Haersma Buma, Senior Implementation Manager for Shell Ventures, to discuss in depth how a global CVC like Shell Ventures is addressing the (missing) relationship between portfolio companies and the corporate business units.

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