Evolve or be extinct | Mind the Chat with Honda Innovations

Marco Marinucci meets Dennis Clark, the Managing Director of Honda Innovations, in this last episode of Mind the Chat. The evolution of Honda’s presence in Silicon Valley should be looked at as exemplary for corporations that are considering expanding their footprint in the Bay Area: started as Honda Research Institute, then added a CVC unit and R&D team in 2011, and finally morphed in 2017 into Honda Innovations, a separate ~50 people company running 2 major programs.

Japanese Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley – the new Report

Launch of the brand-new “Japanese Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley” Report written by Mind the Bridge with the support of Jetro, during a digital event with the CEO of Mind the Bridge Marco Marinucci and the Executive Director at JETRO San Francisco Noriya Tarutani, both LIVE from San Francisco. Japan is once again the country that has by far the largest presence of corporations in the Bay Area.

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How to approach the Energy Challenge | Mind the Chat with Shell Ventures

We are moving from a world where Oil&Gas crowded the top Fortune 500 list to a much more uncertain future. Marco Marinucci discusses about it with Kirk Coburn (Investment Director) and Giancarlo Savini (Implementation Manager) of Shell Ventures, one of the most active CVCs in the Oil&Gas industry, already in the business of helping redesign the future of its industry.

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Time to Digitize the Construction industry | Mind the Chat with Amy Marks (Autodesk)

The world will be in desperate need of a way more efficient (and sustainable) construction industry. In this new Mind the Chat Marco Marinucci, CEO of Mind the Bridge, discusses about how to Digitize the Construction industry with Amy Marks, the new evangelist and Head of IC (Industrialized Construction) strategy at Autodesk.

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