28 02, 2019

PODCAST: Meeting with Glaston, an Open Innovation pioneer in the glass industry

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Today’s episode will be with Jason Victor, event coordinator at a great Finnish midsize companies Glaston. The goal of this initiative is to help Mid Sized companies to innovate and more specifically to develop partnerships with startups.

31 08, 2018

[MTB Podcast] Episode 7: The Future of Transportation and Mobility for All

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In this episode, host Cornelius McGrath chats with Megan Colford, who works in Government Relations for Lime. They talk about the future of transportation answering questions like: how will we get around in the future and what does that mean for consumers and cities alike?

21 08, 2018

[MTB Podcast] Episode 5: How blockchain based capital raising can reshape private securities markets

By |2019-04-11T09:56:16+00:00August 21st, 2018|General, Podcasts, SEC2SV|

On this episode, Rashad Kurbanov stops by to discuss how blockchain based capital raising can reshape private securities markets. What issues plague the current start-up and growth companies’ capital raising process? Is ICO the only way to use blockchain to raise capital? Do regulations need to change or should technology be adopted to meet regulatory requirements? What benefits are there for the entrepreneurs and investors from using blockchain based platforms? How iownit.us is approaching technology and regulations to develop capital markets infrastructure for non-public companies?

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