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11 09, 2018

MTB & Crunchbase, Tech Startup M&As – 2018 Report

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As established companies look to remain competitive and extend their life cycle, acquisition becomes a more viable and attractive strategy. Not the only one1, but surely the fastest route in a world when time is the most valuable resource. M&A deals are a boon for startups as well. No exit, no party, as we’re used to saying. While launching a thriving self-supporting business is still the end-goal for any startup, a buyout from a large company can render that problem irrelevant—or at least less urgent. And return the capital to investors, hopefully with a decent multiplier, thus, M&As are a key component of the startup economy.

11 09, 2018

European Innovation Economy in Silicon Valley – 2018 Report

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Europe is a major actor in Silicon Valley. More than any other region in the world, Europe enjoys strong ties to the Bay Area through people, capital, and business. This report serves as our effort to combine the various research we have done working in and around the European Innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley in each of its facets, i.e. corporates, startups, investors and institutions. Our data show that Europe plays a strong role in Silicon Valley.

2 05, 2018

EU Corporate Innovation Outposts in Israel – 2018 Report

By |2019-04-23T10:34:11+00:00May 2nd, 2018|Innovation Outposts, Main publications, Research|

EU Corporate Innovation Outposts in Israel is a preliminary study with the goal of validating data and finding out who’s who in the Israeli ecosystem. We are following the approach set in the previous year with our Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost Report, which has the same goal but for a different region. Create a forum for these innovative corporate players to meet each other and to share their objectives with the local entrepreneurial community.