GDPR and Beyond – 2018 Report

During the 2018 edition of SEC2SV European Innovation Day, we organized a Workshop on GDPR/Data Privacy. 48 participants from the US and Europe joined a three-hour hands-on session to share experience and develop a common understanding in two interrelated areas: where we are in global privacy regulation and what technology companies can do to respond to the growing awareness for data protection as well as to the diverging legislative approaches from regulators in Europe, the United States and other markets.

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StartupCity Hubs in Europe – 2018 Report

Our research shows that 67% of the European scaleups are located around one or maximum two cities per country. That means that the innovation economy in Europe is heavily concentrated in about 50 main hubs, while all the other cities and municipalities - that have been the backbone of the European economy traditionally - face the risk to be increasingly marginalized.

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