Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley

The world is increasingly looking at the Bay Area. More and more corporates are investing into Silicon Valley startups and many of them are also putting boots on the ground.

This report serves as our effort to combine the various research we have done working in and around the corporate venture and open innovation in Silicon Valley. In particular, in the last few months we have significantly expanded the reach of our research by widening the analysis to include corporates from all over the world and investment flows.

The outcome is a study that we hope we will help you to understand:

  • which corporates are investing into Silicon Valley (CVC)
  • which corporates have decided to have a direct presence (Innovation Outpost) in the Bay Area and in which form (from Antenna to Lab and R&D Centre)
  • which industries and countries are more active
  • the reasons behind the different strategies and approaches
  • the trends (’cause in the world of innovation things change at warp speed).

This report seeks to inform and advise corporate executives with the best possible and most updated information and analysis in order to inform their open innovation strategies and plans.

Alberto Onetti
Chairman, Mind the Bridge

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