Domenico Castaldo

Junior Advisor – Italy

After successfully graduating in Interpreting and Translation, studying Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Domenico is now enrolled in a 2-year Master’s
Degree in International Management at the University of Bologna. Domenico had the opportunity to travel, study, and work abroad since the beginning
of its academic and professional paths. Having lived in Italy, Spain, and Mexico, he decided to start living in Sofia, Bulgaria, and begin his professional activity there. He worked for almost a year for a Belgian/Bulgarian company operating in the Venture Capital and Events Organization sectors; he was in charge of building long-term strategic partnerships with start-ups and relevant stakeholders. He was mainly operating in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors, and he successfully organised networking events in Finland, Switzerland, and Denmark.

He started his journey at Mind the Bridge in May 2022 as a Junior Innovation Advisor, with a particular focus on energy, mobility, and insurtech sectors.
Domenico is working with the Barcelona team, but he is based in Bologna, Italy. Outside of work, you can find Domenico travelling around Europe trying local food, participating in wine tastings, and swimming.