Federico Gobbi

General Manager, Innovation Center – San Francisco

From the early days Federico was passionate about online and offline marketing and developed a strong experience in social media and web development by running his own consulting company in Italy. Experienced in both the startups and corporate world, he runs community building activities in San Francisco and manages the event organization. Fast forward to now, Director of MTB Startup Programs, Federico has been mentoring hundreds of startups at MTB but also at 500Startups, and Alchemist Accelerator on business strategies, global business expansion, and pitching clinique, preparing startups’ best presentation for Silicon Valley VCs. He is currently strategic advisor of two startups: AndRobotics and Simpl.surf.

He previously worked at TelerobotLabs, a robotics company based out of Italy, where he contributed to building the digital presence of the company and supported the CEO to plan the expansion of the company in the US. TelerobotLabs was recently acquired by the Danieli Automation Group – one of the largest suppliers of equipment and physical plants in the metal industry. He founded AIMA – Artificial Intelligence Marketing Association – in January 2017, a 7500+ members community in SF that brings together marketers and AI experts interested in sparking new innovation in AI Marketing. He’s also an official writer for Becoming Humans and Towards Data Science Medium magazines, AI-focused blogs discussing ML, DP, and Neural Networks.

Avid surfer he dreams of surfing Mavericks (soon!) and scuba dived 76 meters (~250ft) under water. When he’s above water, you’ll find him breakdancing on the dancefloor. He even took part in the Illest Krump Competition in Paris.