In September 2018, together with Crunchbase, we published our Tech Startup M&As: 2018 Report, shedding some light over the main global M&A market trends. We’ve tracked about 22,000 startup exits worldwide, for a total deal value of about $1.2 trillion.
After a strong increase in the 2016-2017 timeframe, we recorded a consolidation of both the number of global exits and deal value.
In Europe, we recorded a significant contraction in the Startup M&A market (11% less deal volume and 30% less deal value), while the US showed more stability.

Among other highlights, we tracked: on the “buy” side, which industries are fighting the “open innovation challenge” with the most energy and commitment, and on “sell” side which verticals are the hottest in terms of number of deals.
While companies operating in the Finance & Banking are the second most active of the pack (2,204 deals), Fintech stays among the top, hottest verticals in global M&As, with 200 deals only last year alone and almost 900 in total since 2010. Other top verticals include Life Science (335 deals last year), Enterprise Software (325 deals) and Advertising (320 deals), which Fintech is literally tailgating.
Today, there is no doubt about the centrality of Fintech in the global tech scene and data suggests that this is a trend that is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

San Francisco, March 2018
Marco Marinucci, CEO, Mind the Bridge
Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge

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