Intrapreneurship programs

Unlock your employees’ entrepreneurial attitude and ideation potential  
through our expertise and innovative tech-enabled platform



Build your employees’ entrepreneurial skills

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you and your employees build up significant entrepreneurial skills. Our offerings include skill mapping and assessment through our innovation capacity survey, engaging innovation workshops, capability building workshops, personalized 1:1 training sessions, and enlightening entrepreneur talks.


Terna Innovation Workshops

Dedicated workshops on idea generation and promotion of an innovation culture.

Generali Innovation Program Tech Tour

Dedicated, high-level training for the C-level of the company with exposure to key players in Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem.

Regione Sardegna San Francisco Innovation Desk

Innovation Workshop and Tech Mission
High-level training sessions on technology trends and open innovation in the public sector and exposure to key players in the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem.

Intrapreneurship & Call for ideas

Generate new ideas for your business

With the help of our intrapreneurship platform, we unlock your employees’ potential for innovation. The employee teams will participate in our idea generation workshops, contribute their ideas through a “Call for Ideas” initiative, and enhance teamwork with team building sessions. All participants will benefit from our ideas selection process and receive valuable mentoring and education along the way.


Pelliconi Intrapreneurship Program

Intrapreneurship Program
Full-scale program execution: from call for ideas to dedicated training and 1:1 mentoring sessions to best selected projects.

North America Innovation Awards

Intrapreneurship Program
Full-scale program execution, from idea generation, dedicated training, projects selection, workshops and 1:1 mentoring for selected ideas.

Venture Builder

Transform your ideas into new business

Start your new business by gaining valuable market insights thanks to our deep dive sessions. Enhance your skills and knowledge with our coaching and education sessions. Navigate through the ideation, pre-solidification, and solidification phases with our expert guidance. And when it’s time to scale your business, our dedicated 1:1 Scaling Manager support will be there to assist you every step of the way.


SNAM Innova

Pre-Solidification phase
Support to Snaminnova project with dedicated, on-site training experience and exposure to key players in the Barcelona innovative ecosystem.

A2A Intrapreneurship Program

Venture Builder – Prototyping
Dedicated training and coaching activities for the best ideas emerged from the Intrapreneurship program.

Open Innovation Academy & Venture Lab

Training and support for pilot project development
Full training on open innovation management and support in the development of 4 pilot projects with external partners (startups)


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