Since I started at Mind the Bridge in 2021, we have operated 20 batches of startup acceleration programs!

In honor of this milestone, we hosted an Alumni Meetup event in Seoul last week and had the chance to bring together more than 30 of our Korean alumni founders.

While our startups come from all around the world, a large concentration of them are based in Korea due to the thriving startup ecosystem and government support. They participate in the MTB program because they have created products that stretch beyond boarders and they are eager to take advantage of new markets like the U.S.

One of the core benefits of participating in a global accelerator, is for founders to engage with each other.

Alumni events give founders the opportunity to have candid conversations over Somaek (Korean cocktail of beer and soju) and find synergies between their businesses and their broader network.

At  Mind the Bridge we are honored to be a stepping stone in their journey and it is always a pleasure to reconnect with our alumni and learn about their progress and success. Many of them have raised new rounds of VC funding, flipped the company to the U.S, hired locally in the U.S and acquired U.S customers.

As we progress with our 20th program this summer, I want to thank all of our partner organizations, mentors and alumni startups for their commitment to our programs and for supporting entrepreneurs in making positive impact on our world.


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