Mind the Chat with Fabrizio Capobianco

by Marco Marinucci

The other day I had the chance to sit down for a chat with my old friend Fabrizio Capobianco, serial entrepreneur, most recently CEO of  Tok.TV.

Here are some of the highlights (laughters included):

1.30 Why Classical Studies/ Humanities help engineers
2.30 Impact of Collegio Borromeo
6.50 Why grandmas can help with Bizdev
10.30 Silicon Valley 1999: green card vs getting fired
10.50 History of Funambol
13.10 Plant tomatoes in Sicily, build software in Silicon Valley
14.05 There is NO talent available in Silicon Valley (really?)
17.01 Product management should NOT belong in Engineering
20.15 How is fundraising different today from 2004
28.28 Are crypto and ICOs an alternative to fundraising?
41.10 How do you maintain sanity of mind as an entrepreneur
43.40 Meditating (in the Jacuzzi)
51.30 Why Being an Entrepreneur is a horrible job