How can the lessons learnt from starting the Startup programs of Microsoft, Salesforce or the scaling of an entity like Startup Weekend be of use for the larger audience of medium and large corporations in their quest for innovation?

Well, that’s why you need to meet a guy like Ludo (Ludovic) Ulrich, a partner at the San Francisco based Silicon Foundry.

Ludo (a French native but citizen of the world at heart) has the right mix of someone who cut his teeth for decades in corporates (Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce to name a few) but with the spirit and the appetite of a startup founder.

I had the pleasure to cross path with Ludo years ago, while he was heading Salesforce startup program, and I invited him to join a mentorship session with some CEOs of the most interesting scaleups (more mature startups) from Europe (our SEC2SV program).

A few years go by, and we (re)find each other sharing the magical and growing world of innovation advisory for global corporations.
Our friendly (and pre-Christmassy) chat unfolds on interesting topics as the changing scenario of KPIs for corporate innovation programs, the role of CVCs and the rise of the Startup Studio model.


1:24 @ Microsoft: from France to Seattle
4:20 Bizspark (Microsoft for Startups): What were the KPIs?
10:25 Why leave Microsoft to join Startup Weekend
13:40 Startup Weekend as a matching for co-founders
16:33 Brad Feld (Techstar) and Startup Weekend
17:20 Launching Salesforce startup program as a developer platform
23:05 Launching Salesforce Incubator (physical space in San Francisco)
25:01 KPIs: from revenue sharing with startups to use of tools for developers
26:20 Moving to Silicon Foundry to build – innovation at the mix of hoodies and suits
29:10 Partner with, invest in or build innovative solutions with startups
30:44 IDC by 2023 60% of global 2000 corps will build developer ecosystems – some will make 20%+ revenue from digital streams
32:20 supporting BP Ventures
34:20 why having external partners to help in screening options
36:30 Why and when starting a CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) today
39:55 Silicon Foundry advisory in setting up a CVC vs investing in funds
44:30 the rise of Chief Ecosystem Officers and Startup Studios