Monia Ben Nejima

Recruiting – London, UK

As Mind the Bridge’s Director of People Operations, Monia supports and develops HR functions including people development, onboarding, recruiting and benefits management activities. She is passionate about connecting with and better understanding people, ultimately creating great employee experiences and promoting positive company culture. She previously managed and coordinated all physical business events in San Francisco, Tel Aviv and major European cities by gathering scaleups, corporations and investors under the main stock exchanges’ roofs. 

Monia speaks six languages, helping her have a rounder understanding of communication she applies in the monthly newsletter. She loves a good word pun. Completing the International Business course at San Francisco State University officially marked the end of her paralegal professional chapter and the start of her international career.
Tunisian by birth, Italian by upbringing but global by experience, Monia leads operations in our London office. Stating that she loves to dance would be an understatement.