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Discover the AI-powered platform that streamlines your open innovation journey. MTB Ecosystem simplifies startup scouting, collaboration, and tracking, empowering you to find cutting-edge solutions and build meaningful partnerships.

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MTB Ecosystem: Your Startup
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Your AI-powered platform to manage your entire open innovation
journey and source cutting-edge startups

Manage your innovation activities in one platform

Share your innovation needs, find new startups, gather information, schedule meetings and share feedback all in one tool

Make startup scouting more efficient

Accelerate your global tech scouting globally with MTB Ecosystem platform AI and a dedicated advisory team leadership

Enhance collaboration with your team

Advanced collaboration features which enable you to seamlessly share insights, take notes, and keep your colleagues informed about your open innovation activities

Track the results of your innovation activities

Monitor the status of the relationship with the startups you are engaging with through a dedicated dashboard

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