We run personalized entrepreneurship programs for international startups and scaleups, immersed in the major innovation ecosystems.

Startup School

Startup School is a customizable immersion program designed for international founders eager to explore the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem.

Scaleup Program

The Scaleup Program is designed to help International Scaleups that have proven product market fit in their countries to enter the US market.

Corporate Matching

We work to bring startups and corporates together during matching events, as well as in case by case scouting calls by corporates.


Mind the Seed was established in 2008 by Mind the Bridge founder Marco Marinucci to invest in seed stage companies.

Our Alumni network by the Numbers

Innovation Network

Our Innovation Network is composed of senior world-class experts from various industries
supporting our startups with dedicated advice on areas like scalability, access to funding, profitability, and more.

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Case Studies

Etix Everywhere Success Story

Etix Everywhere

The best infrastructure to data centers, creating the first worldwide proximity data center network. Raised $100M then acquired
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Brich Korea Success Story | Brich.co.kr


Platform for small clothing stores to improve visibility and marketing. Today it has become one of the top 5 Fashion Ecommerce in Korea
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AdEspresso Success Story Italy Exit


Optimizing Facebook Ads at scale: started in Italy, moved to San Francisco, became one of Facebook fastest-growing marketing partners. Acquired by Hootsuite
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Timbuktu Labs Success Story | MTB for Startups

Timbuktu Labs

From an idea to the blockbuster success of Rebel Girls, changing the paradigm of female role models
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