There is nothing like home.

It was 2010 when I eventually decided that the Mind the Bridge Foundation needed a proper home, as my kitchen, or, for that  matter, my Google offices, were not enough to host all the activities we were starting to envision.

Our first home was a handful of desks at what used to be known as the “Startup Pirates Cove”, the now-defunct (but never forgotten) Pier 38. Since then, our HQs have shifted several times, often in other San Francisco landmarks such as the One Market or JPMorgan buildings downtown.

Since 2015 we’ve found home in the more startup-friendly SOMA, in what used to be warehouses for the now also defunct port of San Francisco.  Once kind of a sketchy area of the city, today it is the blooming IPO-land. Literally beyond the walls of our offices, sit companies like Pinterest (we share a wall),  Cisco  (we share an alley), TechCrunch (we share stories)  or Stripe (I wish we shared some of their Shares…).

Now, after  years of working with thousand of  startups  and  more and  more  corporates in search of  innovative solutions (and whose Silicon Valley outposts are often hosted in our office) it was time to take the next significant step: create and manage our own Innovation Center.

So, here it is: we found our natural fit with our long term partner, SOMACentral, host and manager of our previous office spaces (yes, all of them).

In short, with the partnership, the co-working space on 450 Townsend street, home of ~100 tenants between startups and corporate innovation hubs  will be rebranded and renovated. In particular, a brand new 4,600 sq. ft event space will be made available.

The event space is composed of 2 separate areas that can jointly fit around 180 people seated and includes all customizable brand new amenities, compatible with the requirements of the concentration of “unicorn-status startups” that is populating the SOMA area, as well as growing community of Innovation Outposts of international corporations. Lastly, a big shout-out to IN:Scala Studio, an Italy based architecture and design firm that curated the design of the renovated space (hey, who better than Italians??). Its founder, Nicola Mastrojanni, attended the MTB Startup School years ago. Yes, sometime they come back…

If interested, HERE you can read our full joint press release.

The new space will be officially launched on August 29th with an invitation-only, fancy launch event that will include live music and interactive attractions.
Want to join? Send us an email!