If you haven’t heard about Atooma, the mobile app that ‘makes your smartphone smarter’, you must be living under a rock!

I remember when the founders came to us for the first time, it was 2011 and its name was not even Atooma, but SIMPLE.
Quite a long time ago, uh? What’s happened in the meantime?

A couple of weeks ago Atooma was awarded as the Best Mobile App in the world at the Mobile Premier Awards 2013 in Barcelona! Chapeau!

But let’s start from the beginning, when the story began.

Atooma is an Italian startup founded in March 2012 by Francesca Romano (CEO), Gioia Pistola (CMO), Andrea Meriggioli (CCO) and Fabrizio Cialdea (CTO). They are part of the winter batch of the MTB Acceleration Program held @MTB Gym in San Francisco.
We have asked Francesca, the CEO, to talk about Atooma more in details and tell us its story.

Francesca, would you like to explain us what Atooma (= a touch of magic) is and how does it work?

Sure! We say Atooma is the mobile app (Android-only so far) that ‘makes your smartphone smarter’ because it allow you to automatize some repetitive tasks on your device. Atooma lets you set up conditional events (IF) that automatically trigger actions (DO), based on things like time of day, location, your favorite apps, e-mail, battery levels, movement sensors and more. For instance, it allow you to dictate a tweet while driving!

There’s also a community aspect to it, as you can share your automated tasks with others. Moreover our users can share their creations with the whole community so that everybody can download and enjoy them.

image-1You guys have made great strides, what are the main highlights?

Yes, we are so happy to have reached such honors and awards!

Atooma was founded in March 2012 and since its inception a lot of things happened.
Atooma was awarded @Padova university as Best Innovator 2012 under 35 promoted by Technology Review (TR35) and Rieforum, at Codemotion Rome 2012 and at Bootcamp Maverick Angels European ICT Challenge Startup Initiative.
In March we received $80k in Seed funding from the first incubator in Rome, Enlabs.
As the winner of “Mind the Bridge Early Call”, in August Atooma had the chance to fly to San Francisco to attend the MTB Startup School 2012. A unique experience that opened our minds and gave further fuel to the project’s development.
In September 2012 we won TechCrunch Italy 2012 – Awarded 1° Prize and now, as finalists of Mind the Bridge SeedQuest 2012, we are attending the MTB Accelerator Program in San Francisco..
Ups, just forgotten our latest achievement! Atooma is the winner of Mobile Premier Awards 2013 in Barcelona!

Wow, next step US President? 🙂 OK, now let’s talk about the next developments: what are the next milestones and on what are you working on in the coming months?

Atooma is an amazing app and I suggest everybody to try it, but it is available on Android-only so-far. We are working on the iOS version, on the usage of NFC tags to match to Atooma rules and most of all we would integrate our framework with Home Automation/ Internet of Things management providers.

Atooma is one of the startups of the MTB Accelerator Program Winter Batch that in a few days (on March 20th!) will present its project in front of a jury of American Investors @Demo Day  in San Francico (MTB HQs).

We expect some more great news to follow for Atooma…