Nicholas Sartor

Product Team Lead – Barcelona, Spain

Nicholas is a skilled coder and helps teams master proven, repeatable workflow processes through the practice of user-centered design. Nicholas has held various positions in the field of innovation management, covering the Mobility, New Materials, and Energy sectors. As a consultant, he structured and supported the implementation of different Innovation Management processes for multiple clients. 

He is part of Mind the Bridge’s advisory team located in Barcelona, as Team Lead, he’s involved in activities that range from scouting to strategic consultancy in open innovation projects. Nicholas holds a degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Padua, a master’s degree in Innovation Management from the University of Aalborg (DK), and participated in the 2017 Corporate Venturing Academy (CVA) organized by the IESE Business School. When is not speaking the code language and automating coworkers’ life you can find him at the olympic swimming pool, mountaineering or riding his motorbike.