Is Italy Ready for Open Innovation?

Our research aims at understanding whether Italian companies are open to innovation and how they compare with international innovation leaders. In doing so, we implemented – across hundreds of Italian companies of different industries and size – the methodology Mind the Bridge has been adopting for a few years at international level to assess the “open innovation readiness” of established corporations. Such methodology measures both the internal factors enabling innovation (strategy, organization, processes, culture) as well as the
concrete actions implemented (such as startup acceleration, procurement, co-development, investments, acquisitions) and results
achieved. The data show a substantial gap between the Italian companies and international innovation leaders with only a few exceptions.
On the brighter side, the same data also show some progress with more companies entering the open innovation arena (including some SMEs).
Despite the progress, we believe that Italian companies need to accelerate significantly and adopt bolder approaches, deploying more globally focused open innovation strategy.

Milan, October 2020

by Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge

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