Assessing Open Innovation Readiness

Innovative firms grow twice as fast, both in employment and sales, as firms that fail to innovate.
Open Innovation has been a very noticeable trend in the last few years, with particular emphasis on corporate collaboration with startups and scaleups.

This is especially visible in high-tech industries where the rate of innovation is accelerated and where knowledge is distributed across multiple organizations, making it more difficult to innovate internally.
Done well, this provides a route to scale for young companies, and an important means by which larger firms can innovate.

Mind the Bridge through its Open Innovation Readiness Index provides a measure of the company’s innovation potential, factoring in a detailed assessment of:

  • Innovation Strategy and Organization (internal approach including top level buy-in, dedicated Open Innovation Unit / CIO, process and culture, intrapreneurship),

  • Open Innovation Actions (external approach factoring exposure, startup acceleration, venture building, procurement, investments and acquisitions).

Take the survey and get your Open Innovation Benchmark Report to understand where your company stands in its open innovation journey, compare with innovation leaders, and identify potential areas for improvement.