Rodolfo Lissia

Senior Advisor – Barcelona, Spain

Rodolfo started his career in the London startup ecosystem, where he supported the development of early-stage startups and participated in several incubation programs. While living the Tunisian experience, he entered AfricInvest Group, a leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm with over $2B under management and operations between Europe and Africa. There, he worked for the Cathay AfricInvest VC Innovation, with focus on the qualitative and quantitative screening of startups, together with the due diligence and the deal flow sourcing on the verticals of cybersecurity and Artificial intelligence. In Mind the Bridge, Rodolfo is part of the advisory team and account manager of clients in the sectors of Digital Construction and Infrastructure, and developed technological expertise into IoT, BIM, and sensors for the building management, as wells into technologies dedicated to asset management and planning, such as drones and satellite detections. 

Within Mind the Bridge, Rodolfo also supported as a coach, mentor, and scaling manager the development of several early-stage projects through the TNE Partners Global Market Entry program. Rodolfo holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Bologna and a Master in Environmental Technologies from London Imperial College.
When he’s not busy working on innovation or filmmaking, you can find him between the wind and the waves with his kite!