The Program

The KISED Global Market Expansion Program operated by Mind the Bridge in San Francisco, is a 5 month acceleration program for Korean Content and Edtech startups with the goal of expanding to the U.S. The 15 startups kicked off the program in Seoul with our Program Managers Isabelle and Philip for the program orientation session at Google for Startups, followed by a week full of KPI meetings with each company. All of the startups have a strong focus on AI, with applications ranging from gamified math and language learning platforms, college and career prep tools, to content creator tools harnessing the advantages of the Asian markets. Over the summer, the companies participated in a series of virtual lectures on topics such as Creating the Perfect Investor Pitch, Product Market Fit, Value Proposition, Customer Discovery & Lead Generation. Finally, in October, we had the pleasure of hosting the companies in San Francisco and continuing to support them with 1:1 mentorship, educational lectures, company & university visits, founder stories, office hours, investment and of course, our Startup Showcase. 

The Scaleups

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