The Digital Scaleup Summit is a highly curated, invitation only format, where international corporates and scaleups operating in specific verticals can do business, spot technology trends,
and benchmark their open innovation approaches.

It includes 1:1 matching sessions (restricted to Corporate Partners), an exclusive Open Innovation Boot Camp, plus Innovation Executives Views and Deep Dives into the French Ecosystem.

Scaleup Summit Opening


Official Kick-off of the European Scaleup Summit virtually hosted in Paris with the support of ICC.

16:30-16:50 CET | Welcome, Agenda, Who’s Who, Expectations
Marco Marinucci, CEO, Mind the Bridge
Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge
16:50-17:20 CET | Fireside Chat
Remi Bergues, Executive VP, Strategy & Innovation chez Choose Paris Region

17:20-17:35 CET | Report Launch: The Status of Open Innovation in the World
Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge
17:35-18:40 CET | Corporate Partners Presentations
18:40-19:00 CET | Scaleup Landscape

Open Innovation Bootcamps
(Corporates only)


Closed-door – invitation only – Workshops (restricted to Innovation Execs) to discuss how to master the Corporate Accelerator and Venture Client models, optimize CVC and startup investment strategies, structure startup M&A, and set up a Venture Builder/Intrapreneurship program.

  • Accelarating: Startups vs Scaleups
  • Organization: batch vs. challenge driven
  • Are in-house accelerators sustainable in the long run?
  • Are company builders & startup studios an alternative? Can they co-exist?
  • Which is the most functional model (lp vs. direct, off-balance vs. closed vs. evergreen)?
  • How to balance different horizons and goals (financial vs. strategic)?
  • How to work more effectively with the parent company?
  • Staffing and compensation models.
  • Intrapreneurship: from hr only to idea generation.
  • Process: from idea to adoption.
  • Balancing ownership structure, funding, and ip.
  • Staffing: outsiders vs insiders.
  • Are pocs/pilots the most effective approach?
  • How to structure the relationship with the bus?
  • How to optimize the information flow from/to the bus?


1:1 Matching Session


1:1 matching sessions where international corporates and scaleups operating in specific verticals can do business and spot technology trends.


Industry Executive Views


Learn how top executives are approaching open innovation and startup-corporate collaboration.

Deep dive into French Ecosystem


Exclusive interviews with French top notch leaders.


Corporate Startup Stars | 2020 Awards

The annual celebration of the best global practices and role models in Open Innovation.