The Digital Scaleup Summit is a highly curated, invitation only format, where international corporates and scaleups operating in specific verticals can do business, spot technology trends,
and benchmark their open innovation approaches.

It includes 1:1 matching sessions (restricted to Corporate Partners), an exclusive Open Innovation Boot Camp, plus Innovation Executives Views and Deep Dives into Silicon Valley Ecosystems.

Corporate Insights Session (Scaleups only)

SEPTEMBER 23 | 8.30 – 10.00AM (PST)

Close-door session restricted to scaleup CXOs aimed at preparing the 1:1 Matchings with corporates and sharing key learnings on scaling high tech companies.

Open Innovation Bootcamp (Corporates only)

SEPTEMBER 24 | 8.00 – 9.30AM (PST)

Closed-door Workshop (restricted to Innovation Execs) to understand how to optimize the presence in Silicon Valley.

08.00 – 08.20 (PST) | Introduction
Marco Marinucci, CEO, Mind the Bridge
Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge
08.20 – 10.00 (PST) | Working Groups (4 parallel Tracks)

Investing Directly (CVC) or Indirectly (LP) in Startups

Read, Interpret and Report Back Market Trends

Manage your own or Participate in 3rd Party Accelerator

Filter, Select and Integrate Startup Solutions

10.00 – 10.30 (PST) | Recap from Working Groups


Scaleup Summit Opening

SEPTEMBER 29 | 8.30 – 11.00AM (PST)

Official Kick-off of the Silicon Valley Scaleup Summit at Mind the Bridge Innovation Center.

Policy Update: Horizon Europe’s Impact on Innovation and Startups
Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
Welcome, Agenda, Who’s Who, Expectations
Marco Marinucci, CEO, Mind the Bridge
Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge
Fireside Chat
Gené Teare, Strategic Research, Crunchbase
Interviewed by Marco Marinucci, CEO, Mind the Bridge
Report Launch: Corporate Venturing in Silicon Valley
Marco Marinucci, CEO, Mind the Bridge
Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge
Corporate Partners Presentations
Scaleup Landscape

1:1 Matching Session


1:1 matching sessions where international corporates and scaleups operating in specific verticals can do business and spot technology trends.


Innovation Executives Views


Learn how top executives are approaching open innovation and
startup-corporate collaboration.

How open innovation might support the strategy to become a leader in the energy transition?

Together with Csilla we go through the different actions ENGIE has put in place to foster innovation both through employees and startups/scaleups. We also discuss successes and failures and how ENGIE is planning to adapt for leveraging their links with local and external innovation ecosystems.

“The most common reason for a corporate-startup partnership failing is poorly defined objectives.”

In this Mind the Chat Alberto Onetti discusses with Chris the results achieved by the BizLab accelerator programme that, started in 2015, has so far nurtured 70+ external startups and 50+ internal projects. Chris explains how BizLab is evolving in the direction of engaging more mature companies that core to the Airbus business.

In this Mind the Chat our CEO Marco Marinucci sits down with Gary Coover GM of Samsung NEXT in Silicon Valley. They talk about the Samsung Group and its major open innovation initiatives – Samsung NEXT, NEXT Products and NEXT Fund – plus the areas of development and how to pitch Samsung.

In this Mind the Chat we will talk about BCG Digital Ventures and its process of venture formation, engagement with the corporate clients, and staffing. Finally, we will investigate how to measure success and report some success stories.

In this Mind the Chat they will talk about Innovation @Bain, Bain Innovation Exchange, services for corporate clients (ie CVC as-a-service) and Baincubator (intrapreneurship, structure and processes) finally reporting the “Aura” case study.

In this Mind the Chat Marco Marinucci shares insight with Giovanni Tula, Head of Sustainability for Enel Global Power Generation, Enel’s business line for energy generation from conventional and renewable sources. Focus of the chat is sustainability at Enel: measurable objectives and improvement in time and geographies.

In this Mind the Chat Marco Marinucci sits down with Giovanni Bertolino, Head of e-Mobility USA and Canada – Enel X.
Focus of the Chat is the present and future of Electrified Mobility. What are the current market forces, where is the market going? What’s happening in the last-mile mobility (E-scooters, E-bikes). Is hydrogen an option for mobility? We’ll also talk about the new EnelX JuiceEco launch and it deal with Uber.

In this Mind the Chat with Claudio Farina, Executive Vice President Digital Transformation & Technology at Snam, Alberto Onetti goes through the directions of future evolution for SNAM and its approach to innovation, with a specific focus on Open Innovation and collaboration with startups.

Deep Dives into Silicon Valley Ecosystem


What makes the Bay Area the world’s scaleup launchpad?
Exclusive interviews with Silicon Valley top notch leaders.

Guest of this Mind the Chat is Gené Teare, Strategic Research and data evangelist at Crunchbase where she conducts strategic research to uncover and explore trends within private company data. Together with Marco Marinucci they investigate the Macro-fund trends happening in Silicon Valley beyond trying to assess the impact of the pandemic.

In this Mind the Chat our CEO Marco Marinucci has the pleasure to sit down with Willem Jonker, CEO at EIT Digital. Willem has a broad background in ICT, both in industry as well as in academia. He studied mathematics and computer science at Groningen University, worked at Delft University of Technology, received his PhD from the University of Utrecht, and is a part-time full professor in computer science at Twente University.

In this Mind the Chat Alberto Onetti sits down with Martin Hammig, world expert in the globalization of venture capital (VC & CVC), researcher, adviser, and a global tech-startup investor. Alberto and Martin go through the numbers of the latest Report Corporate Venture in Silicon Valley, helping assess and understand the major trends in international corporate investing and presence in Silicon Valley.

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