The Innovation Procurement Empowerment Centre (IPEC), a project of the Connected Places Catapult focusing on introducing innovative solutions through procurement in the public sector, is advancing open innovation and fresh thinking. To boost this initiative, IPEC has teamed up with the “Startup Ecosystem Stars (SES)” to present a special prize at the 2024 Awards scheduled for December 6th in Paris.

Co-organised by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the global open innovation platform Mind the Bridge, in collaboration with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission, and with support from Microsoft, the SES Awards aim to recognise excellence among organisations fostering innovation within their ecosystems. The awards not only showcase success stories but also promote collaboration and stimulate opportunities for growth within innovation ecosystems.

Procurement fuels public sector innovation worldwide. We are seeing brilliant case studies from across the world on how the public sector is bringing in market innovation to deliver better, cheaper and quicker outcomes. IPEC champions this progress, encouraging nominations for outstanding achievements. Our special award aims to institutionalise innovation, foster collaboration between private and public sectors and start ups, and honour best practices, driving continuous advancement across the public sector.”, commented Rikesh Shah, Head of Innovation Procurement Empowerment Centre at Connected Places Catapult.

By recognising and celebrating innovative initiatives within the public sector, the dedicated award at SES 2024 reinforces the commitment to fostering impactful partnerships and driving societal progress through innovation.

“The public sector is a market shaper when it comes to innovation – commented Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind the Bridge – There are many challenges to be solved that can make society better through partnerships between the public and private sectors using procurement. Public authorities can unlock more value through using procurement to do things better, cheaper, and quicker.

Winning organisations will be invited to attend the official Award Ceremony event at ICC Global Headquarters in Paris in December. Rikesh Shah, who sits on the Judging Committee for both Startup Ecosystem Stars (SES) and Corporate Startup Stars (CSS), will have the honor of presenting the prize for the curated award.

Applications for the SES Awards are open until 31 August 2024. Interested organizations are invited to submit their programs and initiatives for consideration.