Silicon Valley Immersion

Startup School is a fully customizable immersion program designed for international founders that are eager to explore the most competitive startup ecosystem in the world, Silicon Valley.

The program consists of back-to-back hands-on workshops, mentoring sessions, meetings with corporates, founder stories and pitching events.

☞ Now running also customizable Digital versions of the program.

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Lucas Bastos

This program was an amazing experience. It helped to demystify the “magic” and hype of Silicon Valley, bringing real knowledge to understand how and why this place is what it is.

Lucas Bastos, (Horus Aeronaves, 2018)

Mind the Bridge was the best way to kick-off my startup career.

Jamie Lee, (Ganco, Airwafi, 2017)

We got connected to many people able to help us when we are ready to expand into the US market.

Jin Wook Lee, (Brich, 2017)

The Startup School is a great intro to life in the Valley for businesses thinking about making the leap.

David Gibbson, (SwitfComply, 2016)

Mind the Bridge provided great insight into the Silicon Valley ecosystem and how EU companies can enter this market.

Patrick Gruhn, (Replex, 2016)

Innovation experience on steroids.

Eduardo Carvalho, January 2016

Truly valuable information that I did not receive elsewhere.

Vicente Gracia (Chile), August 2014

Since my business is my life, Mind the Bridge has been life changing. It has greatly improved my way of approaching business in terms of value creation and solid foundations.

Antony Murumba (Kenya), November 2014

The program is amazing, I’ve seen people with a negative attitude to risks changing drastically their attitude in 20 days and becoming tireless “startuppers”.Mind the Bridge is the fertile terrain where talents grow.

Federico Carturan (Italy), July 2013

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