Each day contains around 6 hours of structured hands-on activity of workshops, mentoring and weekly presentation sessions. Participants will learn core entrepreneurial skills, attend networking events, and meet with Silicon Valley icons, getting direct exposure to the most relevant entities in Silicon Valley.

The following is a sample of the core modules provided under the guidance of Mind the Bridge CEO, Marco Marinucci.

Understanding the local entrepreneurial culture, business models, the history, and the secret sauce of Silicon Valley.

How to drive a startup and when to turn. Understanding and achieving product market fit.

How do you define your business model. How to develop a network of partners and use connection to scale your core business.

Articulating a compelling business opportunity, positioning your product and telling your business story.

Telling a compelling story in person, structuring a clear and convincing pitch, and doing it in Silicon Valley time.

Identifying your customer base, your market, your segments, defining your customers and understanding market size.

An overview of administrative and legal aspects such as corporate structure and technology transfer models.

IP 101: Important terms in contracts to understand, patents, trademarks, copyrights and transferring them across borders.

Developing your financial model, presenting financials to investors.

Assembling a team, from recruiting to motivating successfully.

Key aspects to consider. Lessons learned from successful entrepreneur-investor relationships.

An overview of the options, timing, and processes to get a Visa. H, E, L, O, or J. Which to consider and how to apply for each.