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Silicon Valley Immersion

Startup School is our entrepreneurship education program that immerses founders in a startup ecosystem for up to 3 weeks, giving them valuable experiences to bring back to their home countries.
The program consists of workshops, mentor sessions, corporate visits, and pitching exercises. Unstructured networking time and local excursions are also included to help participants engage fully with the ecosystem
Faculty & Mentors
60 hrs of structured time includes workshop run by professionals, mentoring and weekly presentation critique.
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The program provides a strong foundation of Lean Startup methodology and the skills to communicate your business model.
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Success Stories
A look inside our startup school: stories from our graduates on how the MTB startup school helped to make their dreams a reality.
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Here are the European “Bridges” to Silicon Valley: a new MTB Report

There are 26 of them, from 18 different countries, and they cover almost all of Europe. They are the “European Bridge Organizations”, supporting European startups landing in Silicon Valley and promoting entrepreneurship in their country of origin by bridging to the Bay Area. A full analysis of their distribution, mission, activity and coverage has been presented […]

Open Innovation in Europe: time to involve SMEs | DG GROW Program

Today Open innovation is a must have for all companies, regardless of their size, regardless of their industry, regardless of the age of the company. But today in Europe we see that only large corporates are currently active in open innovation, while the small and mid size companies who form the backbone of European industry […]

A ranking of top 500 European Tech Scaleups to be produced by Mind the Bridge/Elite LSE

A new ranking produced by Mind the Bridge, in collaboration with ELITE, providing a list of the top 500 European tech scaleups on the basis of capital raised, is coming soon. This new ranking will be called SEP ELITE Tech Scaleup 500, as part of Startup Europe Partnership, and has been announced this morning in […]


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