Class August 2017 – San Francisco

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Mind the Bridge is a leading global organization dedicated to promoting and supporting successful entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world since 2007. Our goal is to foster entrepreneurs globally by spurring innovative ideas and a more connected venture economy.

This Startup School session will be a 3-week + 1-week (London, optional) program tailored to startups and entrepreneurs who are seeking exposure to the Silicon Valley environment, with a pragmatic approach.

London Session

September 11-15, 2017 (optional)

The Entrepreneurs

Erin Park-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Erin Park
Project Manager, Soulgit
Gizem Yong-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Gizem Yong
Program Manager, GrowCheck
Jamie L-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Jamie L
Experience Executive Professional, Ganco
Songhee Lee-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Songhee Lee
Head of Marketing, Ganco (Airwafi)
Yura Cho-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Yura Cho
Developer, Ganco (Airwafi)
Yejin Gwen Ko-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Yejin Gwen Ko
CEO, SR Investing
Claudio Stefanazzi-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Claudio Stefanazzi
Co-Founder, Fingers
Luca Prati-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Luca Prati
Founder, Mathesia
Co-Founder, Brich
Jin Wook Lee-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Jin Wook Lee
Founder, Brich
Andrea Mezzadra-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Andrea Mezzadra
Founder, Jotery
Giulia Pagnozzi-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Giulia Pagnozzi
Co-Founder & CEO, WiPark
Sai Krishna VK-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Sai Krishna VK
Founder & CEO, Scapic
Matteo Salati-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Matteo Salati
Co-founder & COO, WiPark
Luca Filannino-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Luca Filannino
Co-Founder & CTIO, WiPark
JoungHoon Lee-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
JoungHoon Lee
CEO, TripleA
Jung Hwisu-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Jung Hwisu
Founder, Bonebre
Eunchan Kim, Collin-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Eunchan Kim, Collin
Co-Founder, TripleA
Ryu Jongho-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Ryu Jongho
Program manager, Afit
Daniel Yongho An-mind-the-bridge-entrepreneur
Daniel Yongho An
Founder, Flange (VLive)

The Startups

Brich provides a platform to small clothing stores which enables them to improve visibility and marketing in ways that traditional marketing and audience penetration methods don’t allow for. Brich gives enterprises the ability to connect with influencers, create an in-store experience digitally, and gives them online branding opportunities.
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Scapic brings VR and AR experiences to users on an accessible platform. Their cloud based creation program allows for a much easier and efficient creation process to model and create authentic and smooth VR and AR experiences.
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Soulgit works with mobile game developers and publishers to increase monetization potential by creating and advancing ad strategies within the game platforms and app stores.
10wonders (TripleA) is changing the online secondhand market by providing independent quality checking and assurance. By providing third party fraud protection 10wonders increases security and fidelity for sellers and buyers in the online secondhand market.
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WiPark is an online social platform for users looking for parking spaces in crowded cities. WiPark crowd sources parking information for users to cut down on inner city traffic and make travel in cities more efficient.
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Jotery connects users with recipes and ingredients provided by influencers. They provide marketing for brands by offering exclusive ingredient supply to particular recipes, and provide users access to recipes that can’t be found anywhere else.
Fingers is a social app that allows users to share their opinions and thoughts on their surroundings using a 1 through 10 fingers system. By using the app, they can access the profiles of people, places, and items around them and see what others think about these things, as well as join in by rating it themselves.
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AirWafi is an app designed to improve the experience of airport users by combining a suite of features into one platform to better inform and streamline the airport experience. With features like maps, gate wait times, flight alerts, wifi connection, digital ticketing and customs forms AirWafi eases traveler experience by acting as airport hospitality.
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GrowCheck is a compact and precise in home vertical body scale that allows parents to measure kids health and their own using an app on their phone. Growcheck sets growth benchmarks and averages so parents can effectively understand how their child is progressing.
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Mathesia matches academic professionals with businesses with high level technical needs on a freelance basis. Their project by project marketplace uses software to translate project needs to academic problems, which allows PhD’s and professors to provide solutions to businesses.
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Bonebre is a wearable IoT enabled device that helps people suffering from backspin correct their posture and prevent long term problems. It also helps to correct existing problems by encouraging correct sitting positions leading to spinal symmetry.
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Afit allows app developers and engineers to share and receive feedback and reports on an app’s look and functionality. Tracking changes and hardware specs related to app appearance issues and QC is more efficient and user-friendly with Afit.
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SR Impact
SR Impact aims to provide up to date and accurate news on Asian financial markets and companies to allow those with no access to the region to make well-informed decisions. By lowering lead times for news access, SR investing will enable safer and more up to date business decisions.
Artalleys connects art enthusiasts and buyers with artists directly through their e-commerce platform. Potential buyers can view digital galleries and studios and interact with artists through the internet in real time, eliminating the lead or wait time associated with traditional sales processes in the art world.

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