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Good Practice Cases for Midsize companies: EnergyWay

We’ve been interviewing some of the companies that have attended our Scaleup Summits. Today, we’re interviewing Andrea Ronchi, Head of Business Development & Marketing of Energy Way, who we met through our Open Innovation for Midsize companies program that we run with the support of the European Commission. In this interview, Andrea shares with us his experience as a startup specialising in mathematical thinking for large and small corporates.

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[MTB Podcast] Episode 3: The role of artificial intelligence in our future

On this episode, Vivek Wadhwa (@wadhwa) stops by to talk about the future. What’s it going to look like? Are we prepared for it? Who is going to come out on top in the workforce? We dive deep into the role that artificial intelligence will play in our futures, especially when it comes to work, and also discuss what our future economic and education systems may look like in the time of exponential technological change.

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