Open Innovation in Italia: il bicchiere è mezzo pieno

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Presentati a SMAU i dati del nuovo Report sull’Open Innovation in Italia: le grandi aziende trainano ancora il mercato e le PMI iniziano ad affacciarsi. Registrato un lieve miglioramento rispetto allo scorso anno per le Top 25 “Italian Corporate Startup Stars” ma la strada da fare è ancora lunga. Il settore più aperto alle collaborazioni tra startup e imprese risulta quello dell’Energia, seguito dal Bancario-Assicurativo e dall’Edilizia. Aziende di altri settori, tra cui Aerospazio, Automotive, Elettronica, Food, Media e Retail, si stanno progressivamente avvicinando all’arena dell’Open Innovation.

MTB’s Must-Watch Scaleup list: Assistive Technology Tools in the Workplace

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Assistive Technology (AT), which is used to improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities, is playing a substantial role in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. As part of their advisory activities, Mind the Bridge spots five global startups that are worth following in this space.

Scouting for the best solutions in the Internet of Things: Olivetti IoT Challenge

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Industry, Retail, Urban: these are the areas where Olivetti and TIM WCAP are looking for innovative technological solutions to be integrated into the business in an Open Innovation perspective through the “IoT Challenge” open until June 30th, launched with the support of the international advisory firm Mind the Bridge.

From Scaling Managers to Advisors, and back!

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MTB has created the "Scaling Managers" concept to provide highly customized programs to each startup. Scaling Managers are people within the acceleration team, who dedicate themselves to follow the advancement of one or more organizations at the same time and have a comprehensive knowledge of the state of things of a participating startup.

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