Highlights from London Scaleup Summit 2020

At the end of March, we were supposed to be at the London Stock Exchange to run the Scaleup Summit, one of our regular invitation-only, industry gatherings hosted at some of the major Stock Exchanges around the world. COVID-19 “slightly” changed our plans, turning the Scaleup Summit into a fully digital version.

One of the outcomes of the Summit was the 55 cherry-picked scaleups that we shortlisted to foster innovation and collaboration with our corporate clients.
Below we summarize the most interesting emerging trends that we tracked.

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AI + IoT = Hot

No surprise that AI and its related applied sciences including Automation, Analytics, and Big Data are predominant. However, we can also see that IoT remains an important technology leveraged by these startups.
The tag cloud below highlights some of the main technologies deployed by scaleups.

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Digital Construction: Digital Twin to Enhance Collaboration

One of the main challenges faced in the construction space is the lack of collaboration and communication between different stakeholders. 

Resolving and VisiLEan use Digital Twins, digital versions of a physical asset and/or process, to overcome this challenge. By building and sharing simplified infrastructure digital models in real-time among the different stakeholders during all the different phases of a construction project, Resolving and VisiLean are facilitating the communication and collaboration among collaborators.

What’s Shaking in the Scaleup Landscape-Digital-Costruction

Industry 4.0: Predictive Maintenance is Here to Stay

Predictive Maintenance is becoming a reality. Whereas Stratio and Teraki address only the automotive industry, Reliability Solutions, Senseye, and Sentian cover many verticals, including Manufacturing, Energy, and Oil and Gas.  

It is worth noting that Edge Computing is appearing more and more as a technology used by Industry 4.0 startups. Edge Computing brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed moving away from data centers towards the edge of the network. The combination of Edge Computing and 5G will be one of the trends of 2020 and will enable a new wave of growth by saving costs (storage, CPU footprint) and time (fastest data processing).

What’s Shaking in the Scaleup Landscape-industry-4.0

Green Energy is the New Orange

With climate change becoming an emergency, scaleups are tackling this challenge by finding new ways of producing clean energies with different approaches. 

Seab Energy, for example, helps end-users make green energy on their own by using On-site containerized energy from waste.

Pavegen converts footfall into off-grid power and data and Nowi provides an advanced energy harvesting system. “Instead of bringing energy to their devices, they can use the energy that is already there to power them.“

What’s Shaking in the Scaleup Landscape-green-energy

Decarbonization: Carbon Tracking on the rise

In the fight against climate change, the quest for decarbonization technologies is key. It appears that Carbon Tracking is the main trend in this field. Carbon Analytics, EcoChain technologies and 

Plan A, who participated in our Digital Summit, is helping businesses understand and reduce their Carbon Footprint.

What’s Shaking in the Scaleup Landscape-decarbonization

Fintech & Insurtech: The Platform Game for Personalization

One of the Fintech trends we identified is the multitude of platforms that personalize services to the end-users. Fractal and Wegroup are interesting in that sense. Fractal empowers Banks, Insurance, card issuers, and other Fintech & Insurance stakeholders to better serve their SMEs. 

WeGroup’s digital assistant ‘Louise’ leverages data analytics and machine learning algorithms to help insurance intermediaries, service providers and carriers to have a better understanding of their clients’ needs and risk profiles.


Cybersecurity: Are you Sure your Organization is secured?

With an increase of 17 percent in data breaches in 2019 according to the Identity Theft Resource Center‘s Annual End-of-Year Data Breach Report, the quest of more sophisticated Cybersecurity solutions is definitely still open. That starts with knowing how your organization is protected and what you should do to secure your assets.

CyberOwl offers an early warning system for cyberattacks through real-time monitoring of high-value targets for malicious behavior.

With their IoT expertise, ReFirm Labs vet and validate firmware using their unique methodology.

What’s Shaking in the Scaleup Landscape-cybersecurity

What’s Next?

Our next Scaleup Summits obviously.

  • Scaleup Summit Israel – June 24-25, 2020
  • Scaleup Summit Silicon Valley – September 30 – October 1, 2020
  • Scaleup Summit Europe – December 2020

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