cover-SEP-Monitor-Scaleup-Norway-2017There has been no shortage of unicorns or any verticals left untouched by startups coming out of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland.

Not only are they currently relevant, but they have been for decades, with an original cadre led by Ericsson and Nokia as well as others being part of the first wave of tech giants.

This second wave, lead by Spotify, is beginning to make noise now too.

Considering this, over a year ago we published our first report about Norway and we said “the Norwegian startup scene has the potential to scale up”,

it wasn’t such a bold claim. Norway has fallen short in the recent decade, and our message was to stress that Norway could soon become a player in the scaleup scene, joining it’s neighboring countries their level, one it hasn’t reached yet.

We’re now seeing that potential fulfill itself.

The development in the Norwegian scaleup scene in the past year has been notable, this growth will be our focus in this report.

In addition, a significant part of this report will be spent attempting to understand and explain the relationship between Norway and other countries in the Nordic region and other European countries.

We’ll also explore the unique aspects of the country which shape the ecosystem, among which are government initiatives, stock markets, and prominent existing industries.

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