Scaleup-portugal-2017-cover-1This SEP Monitor is a follow up to “Portugal Rising”, a report we published at the end of 2015, it gives an updated view of the ecosystem a year and a half down the line, and we are happy to say the positive momentum has continued for Portugal.
The scaleup scene in Portugal is extremely promising and gives hope to Southern Europe lagging scale-up ecosystems. The country has relatively smaller total numbers compared to other larger countries, however a closer look at certain statistics shows that the
country is ready to emerge as a scaleup leader in Europe. Capital invested has grown incredibly fast, far above the European average over the last 6 years, with a 38% year over year increase in 2016, with a strong contribution from the United States. There are almost double the European average of scaleups per capita, and the majority of the scaleups are very young.
For all these reasons the promise we found with our first report has shown to be on the money, and the future looks bright for the existing scaleups in Portugal as well as those that are to come.

Mind the Bridge is happy to present this report in partnership with Beta-i, the Lisbon based accelerator right in the midst of the action in Portugal.

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