Stefania Galtieri 

Intern – Italy

Innovation was just a concept that greatly inspired Stefania while she did her exchange semester in San Jose, California. This inspiration turned into a fascination which ultimately led to a job in Mind The Bridge in 2022. Now that concept has turned into the everyday task she does.

She has a Master’s Degree in Languages for Intercultural Business Communication from Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo. By combining her natural affinity for languages as well as the curiosity for diverse business settings lead to a successful exploration of both. Indeed, these skills were very much required during her 3 month stint at the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce where she collaborated on intercultural European projects.

Outside of a good pizza, the primary source of joy in Stefania’s life is a good book. An avid reader, Stefania enjoys reading all kinds of books and loves talking about them even more. She also enjoys exercising and currently, she’s learning to perform Aerial Silk. She is positive and is always looking to push herself and will do so with an infectious enthusiasm.