Tiberio Santomarco 

US Managing Director - Los Angeles, US

After 20 years as a senior marketing and sales professional for one of Europe’s largest and most dynamic media companies, Mediaset, in 2016 Tiberio moved to San Francisco disrupting his life, career and family with 4 young kids. Following a few seminal years in Silicon Valley, playing in the open innovation arena, Tiberio currently leads the Los Angeles branch of Mind the Bridge, an innovation advisory firm. 

Tiberio’s current consulting work with corporates draws on previous experience delivering revenue across all media channels and platforms for Mediaset/Fininvest Group in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and other European countries. Tiberio also works with startups of all kinds, advising on the design and implementation of comprehensive marketing solutions.

Tiberio is a very Googlable person.